About the conference

The "International Conference on Cow Diseases", co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Chinese Agricultural University, the American Mastitis Association (NMC), and Worthin-Lump International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was held once every two years, and has been successfully held twice. The second International Dairy Cow Disease Conference in 2019 was more leading than the first conference, and it was supported and sponsored by Lilavar, Bringer Ingelheim, MSD Animal Health Products, China Animal Husbandry, Sanyuan Food, Tiankang Biology, and Jinyu Biology. In three days, more than 30 scholars and experts from all over the world in the field of cow disease gathered with more than 700 participants from all over the country to have a rich and profound exchange and discussion around the theme of this conference, "Grasp the new pulse of dairy development and promote the new concept of cow breeding".
       The third International Dairy Disease Conference and Dairy Industry Expo will be held in Beijing National Conference Center from March 17-19, 2023. The conference will continue to invite authoritative experts from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Belgium and other countries to give a keynote speech to bring you new ideas, new technologies and new programs for the prevention and treatment of global cow diseases, and share with you the diagnosis of cow diseases, disease prevention, safe use of drugs, management of milking hall, training of farm workers, milk quality and safety, cost control, quality control The latest international scientific research achievements, breeding concepts, feasible schemes, etc. in the fields of modern dairy farming provide dairy farming practitioners with a platform for academic interaction, information sharing, mutual benefit and common progress.

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