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The dairy industry, as one of the emerging industries in China, is one of the most dynamic and promising in the field of animal production. In recent years, it has received more and more attention from both the government and industry insiders. Great achievements have occurred. For example, China now has the world’s largest ranches, with the most modern genetics and more than 14 million dairy cows. Furthermore, the consumption of milk in China has reached almost 50 million metric tons, which makes China the third largest dairy consumption country in the world. 

Mastitis is one of the most common diseases, which may cause serious harm to dairy cows, including decreasing milk yield and milk quality. How to prevent/control mastitis is one of the largest issues in the whole dairy industry internationally......(more)

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Dr. Jianzhong Shen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is a Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) Scholar Distinguished professor and dean in the College of Veterinary Medicine in China Agriculture University (CAU). He has an excellent progress in key techniques of veterinary drug residues detection, emergence, transmission, risk assessment of antibiotic resistance in bacteria of animal origin and ecological toxicology of veterinary medicine. He is the member of National Committee including: Veterinary Drug Evaluation Commission of Ministry of Agriculture of China, Veterinary Drug Residue Commission of China, Feed Additive Evaluation Commission of Ministry of Agriculture of China, Chinese Animal Drug Council, Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia Commission, Chinese Association of Toxicology, Chinese Association of Mutagens, Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. In recent years, he has received more than 14 research grants including National Natural Science Fo
MARIO GERMAN LOPEZ BENAVIDES:Dr Lopez has an animal research background, with a PhD in Molecular Biology. He has worked in thedairy industry for more than 15 years, starting the mastitis career in New Zealand while finishing his PhD and working as a Scientist in DairyNZ for 4 years. For the past ten years he has worked for the Research & Development department of DeLaval, in the development of commercial chemical products used in dairy operations, including teat disinfectants, cleaners and hoof disinfectants. He has been actively involved with the NMC over the last 10 years, participating in the Research and Teat Health Committee, as well as sitting in the Board of Directors of NMC. He is the current President of NMC (2017). His personal motivation is “Through my daily work I aim to create trust in the consumption of milk. My part in building that trust is by actively and continuously developing and promoting humane science-based practices and technologies in the dairy industry aro
Dr. Xiubo Li, a professor and animal pharmacologist, received her BSc degree in Japanese pharmacology (1992) at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China, her MS degree (2002) and PhD degree (2008) in Veterinary Pharmacology at China Agricultural University. She was the director of the National Feed Drug Reference Laboratories, and Chief Scientist of the Innovative Research Team of Feed Quality and Safety Control at Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences(CAAS). She was an expert of the Commission of Veterinary Drug Evaluation, MOA, a member of the Commission of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia (CCVP) and the Committee of Experts on National Veterinary Drug Residue. She is also working for cow disease prevention and medication safety as an expert in Beijing Dairy Industry Innovation Team. For 25 years, she has received more than 30 research grants including Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest, National Key Technology R&D Program, developed 9 veterinar
CarlCarl Oskar Paulrud:I am a milk extraction and milk quality specialist who have former been working with milk quality and milking at “Danish Cattle Federation” and at Danish Dairy Board. I wrote my MSc in the field of passive immunization of dairy calves and my PhD in udder physiology and milking technique. Later on I was employed by the Danish Ministry of Agriculture, doing research concerning milk and milking, and lameness detection in dairy cows. I consider myself as a non-typical researcher and innovator though I am a theoretically based practitioner with special interest for interactions between biology and technique. I am creative, have very well developed analytical skills and is truly thrilled and motivated by innovation.
Diagnostic Approches Developed by IVDC and Its Application for Brucellosis 。  Resume:Jiabo Ding,Professor of China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control,National Advanced Worker of Agriculture,Chief Scientist of National / OIE Reference Laboratory for Animal Brucellosis 
Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University Tel: 86-10-62734618 Email: Position: Deputy-director of Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University. Secretary-general and Vice-Chairman of Standing Councile, Experimental Animal Pathology Board of Chinese Society of Experiment Animal (2015-); Vice-Chairman of standing council of Chinese Association of Veterinary Pathology (2017-);Vice-Chairman of standing council of Chinese Veterinary Pathologists Association (2019-). Prof.Xiangmei Zhou is an assessment expert for projects of National Natural Science Foundation Commission, Ministry of Science Technology(2013-). She is the invited reviewer for many journals like Journal of Biotechnology Advances, Scientific reports, PLOS ONE, The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, BMC Genomics, etc. The researches of Prof. Xiangmei Zhou focus on defining t
Jiufeng WANG, PhD, Professor of China Agricultural University, Chief Scientist of National Key R & D program, Academic Leader of National Key Discipline-Veterinary Medicine, New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, Young Teacher Award by Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation of Ministry of Education, Post Scientist of Beijing Dairy Cow Industry Innovation Team. Research Areas: An inflammatory response to microbial invasion or injury is a part of the host defence mechanism. Such a reaction has to be activated as soon as possible to terminate the spread of infection, even at the cost of further tissue damage. To avoid detrimental inflammatory reactions, a balance between activation and inhibition is needed throughout the immune response. Initiation of the inflammatory response occurs primarily through activated macrophages, mast cells, together with epithelial cells at the site of infection or injury. Based on the diversity of animal pathogens, our lab fo
Dr. Wei XueFeng, Researcher, Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer of JINYU Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Over the past 35 years, he has been engaged in the R&D and the production of veterinary vaccines, especially in improving the production technology of vaccines, which has promoted the wide application of Up-stream processs such as ‘cell suspension culture’ and Dwon-stream process such as ‘concentration and purification’ in the industrialized production of veterinary vaccines in China, thus comprehensively upgraded the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.
Dr. Alejandra A.: Latorre is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Science from the University of Concepción , Chile. Dr. Latorre did her PhD at Cornell University, United States, where she specialized in Animal Science, Epidemiology, and Food Science. During her PhD studies at Cornell, Dr. Latorre researched the molecular epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes on dairy farms, also researching the role of biofilms as source of contamination for bulk tank milk, and the understanding of persistence of pathogens within dairy operations. Dr. Latorre currently is an Associate Professor at the College of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Concepción in Chile, and also works as a private consultant for dairy farms and the dairy industry. As Faculty responsible of Veterinary Public Health in the College of Veterinary Sciences, she is actively doing research about on-farm biofilms, sources of milk contamination, the role of biofilms in herd´s health, non -herd fa
PETER WARWICK EDMONDSON:Peter qualified from Trinity College Dublin in 1980. After five years in practice in Ireland he joined Almarai working with large dairy herds in Saudi Arabia and China. He then moved to a specialist dairy practice in the Southwest of England. Peter spent 35 years in large animal practice before forming UdderWise, a veterinary consultancy. He works with farmers, vets, pharmaceutical and dairy processing businesses around the world. Peter is not an academic or a researcher. He is a popular trainer, known for his practical approaches to problem solving. He has written two books; ‘How to Control Somatic Cell Counts’ and ‘How to Control Clinical Mastitis’ and is co-author of ‘Mastitis Control in Dairy Herds’. Peter is passionate about transferring skills to small scale dairy farmers in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe and visits Africa two or three times each year.
ir. Stefaan Goudezeune :In the year 2000, Stefaan Goudezeune graduated from Ghent University, Belgium with Master\\\'s degree at Bio-engineering Sciences with specialization in Animal production. Immediately after his graduation, he has been a consultant for an international organization focusing on food safety at large food processing companies. During this period, expertise has been built up at detailed auditing, reporting and implementing SOP’s, including training, at large scale companies in Europe, in order to guarantee the highest food safety standards. Since 2007, Stefaan Goudezeune joined the Belgian company CID LINES, to support it’s international expansion, with his Scientific background on animal production and expertise at implementing theoretical knowledge into practice at large scale companies. In close collaboration with the veterinary department of Ghent University, theoretical models have been developed to detect critical points at dairy farms and afterwards u
Sarne De Vliegher:graduated as a veterinarian from Ghent University, Belgium in 1998 after which he started working at this University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ( He defended his PhD-thesis on heifer mastitis in 2004 after having worked at the Atlantic Veterinary College of the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada for some months. In that same year he finished an MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology and Animal Health Economics at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and obtained a degree as a judicial expert from Ghent University. In 2006 he became a Diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Public Health ( In the meantime, he worked in the University cattle practice for seven years. Since 2005, Sarne De Vliegher is teaching veterinary legislation, deontology and practice management at Ghent University, has been the manager of the ambulatory clinic for 10 years, and currently has 8 PhD-students and 2 post-docs in his team working in t
William Smits, Director of Farm Management Services, DeLaval Asia Pacific Born in the Netherlands and with a bachelor degree in animal husbandry, after graduation and working in the family farm William Smits worked as project manager in the Middle East on farms of 2,000 to 4,000 cows. This was in the period 1987 – 1997, in a time when farms of this size were still a novelty. In 1997 he was employed by DeLaval and worked until 2003 as project manager in the Middle East, responsible for the design of the new farms, the selection of the most suitable equipment and managing the training program for the farm operators. In 2003 William was promoted to the position of manager of DeLaval in Turkey, in 2008 appointed as the Manager of DeLaval in South East Asia and since 2013 based in Beijing as manager of Farm Management Services. He focus on Milk Quality and Cow Udder Health via series of projects of parlor management improvement and tracing. William was pointed as the director of farm man
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