Conference Sponsorship Opportunity

Diamond Sponsor: RMB 350,000 Or USD $60,000

Dinner Sponsor:RMB 200,000 Or USD $35,000

Platinum Sponsor: RMB 250,000 Or USD $45,000

Reception Sponsor:RMB 150,000 Or USD $30,000

Gold Sponsor:RMB 150,000 Or USD $30,000

Lunch Sponsor: RMB 150,000 Or USD $30,000

Silver Sponsor: RMB 50,000 Or USD $10,000

Coffee/Tea Sponsor:RMB 60,000 Or USD $10,000

Other Sponsors:Badge, Conference bag, Gifts, Notebook , Headset, Lanyard etc.


Advertisement:catalogue , arches gate, balloon, billboard, etc.

The committee of the conference has made a detailed return terms for all the sponsorship. If you have interest, please contact us anytime.

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